"Exhale Pilates is a wonderful, friendly studio with classes that we all enjoy attending. It is a lovely contemporary studio that is well equipped. Our teacher, Monika is a true professional and composes classes that have variety and cover all aspects of stretching & flexibility within the hour. You just finish each class feeling better Rosemary Louw

" I'm 61 years old and have only been going just over a month but the studio is lovely, the instructor is extremely helpful and cheerful and it's great, I go twice a week to get more benefit and I already feel more supple and fit. "  Jill Drury

" The benefits it has brought to my back, I feel stronger every time I leave the classes "   

Jessie Wolvaardt


" Improved posture and mobility - Not to mention the humour and camaraderie. Pilates has been a wonderful life improving experience for us.  Monika has an amazing repertoire of exercises which are carried out in a relaxed atmosphere under her caring and professional supervision "    Mike and Jane Evans

Monika Wagner

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                                     An Inspiring , friendly and personalised

                                                      approach to the Pilates Method of exercise.


E  X  H  A  L  E



At Exhale Pilates studio we aim to inspire and instill a love for the Pilates Method in every class in a personal and enjoyable environment.

Our instructors are passionate and committed to ongoing education and find great satisfaction in seeing each individual learn and progress to be the best they can be.  No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced client who has been coming for years, you are important to us.

We look forward to helping you in any way you need us, whether to help relieve low back pain, recover in a safe envirionment after surgery, or just to tone and be healthy.

" Before any real benefit can be derived from physical exercises, one must first learn how to breathe properly......Our very life depends on it. "

                                 -  Joseph Pilates


  Pilates is a method of body conditioning which trains the mind and body to work together toward the goal of overall fitness. There are over 500 different exercises performed on the mat and the unique pieces of apparatus. Each exercise is done in a particular sequence, with a minimum number of repetitions and a high degree of precision and mental focus. The movements are continuous from one exercise to the next, and as the client progresses, the workout becomes increasingly more challenging and aerobic. The true Pilates method captures the benefits of Eastern exercise philosophies, such as yoga, by emphasizing mental focus, breathing, and flexibility. Pilates also maximizes strength and endurance, which is the focus of traditional forms of Western exercise methods. By blending the best of these approaches, the Pilates method trains the mind and body to work together toward the goal of overall fitness.Pilates is designed to stretch and strengthen while teaching balance and control of the body, posture, and core strength which spills into every area of one's life.